Editorial: Parade recruits homosexuals

The “gay pride parade” in Tulsa is all about recruitment.

Those who have fallen into a homosexual lifestyle and those secularists who reject God and the Bible target children and families to cram acceptance into Tulsa’s culture. Misery loves company.

Some of sponsors of this immoral public display are Camp Fire Green Country (that’s right, Campfire girls are encouraged to see homosexuals flaunt themselves in public), K-Hits 1069, EMSA, OU-Tulsa, Eastside Christian Church and others.

The homosexuals now control the leadership of the Camp Fire Girls and the Boy Scouts – two groups that traditionally supported holy matrimony. EMSA, a quasi-governmental organization, is using taxpayer funding to promote homosexuality and so is The University of Oklahoma Tulsa campus.

Young people go to these parades and they like the rebellion they see. They see adult men in dresses, wearing makeup and kissing other men and that makes it seem acceptable.

And the liberal media, including the Tulsa World and Channel 8 and Channel 6, run rosy stories about the “celebration of equality” as drag queens throw kisses to babies in strollers.

There is no mention of how homosexuality destroys families, careers and health. There is no thought of the shortened lifespan of homosexual men or the damage done to children in homes with homosexual parents.

President Obama ran for office in 2008 and was opposed to homosexual marriage because he knew he couldn’t win if he told the truth – that he would be the first president to embrace and promote homosexuality.

The homosexual movement – like most progressive ideas – can’t tolerate dissent. They won’t stop until everyone in America approves of homosexuality.

There is a price to pay for every culture (like ancient Rome) that buys into homosexuality and that is the path where Tulsa is headed.