Past Times Were Better

As many of you know, I was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  It was awesome and the city’s volunteers were exceptional.  As a result, I missed writing a Tulsa Beacon column.  I’m so sorry to those who follow my insights.

Well, the convention was great.  There were no protests – much to the regret of the press.  My son Bryan was bumped into by a protester who said, “I’m sorry.”  The whole event was powerful and the contrast was so evident – if you would only look.  Trump may stumble but Hillary is a liar who has killed Americans.  Her careless handling of the emails may have caused the death of Iranian nuclear physicist Shahram Amiri.

Do you really think she will protect your children?  Her child will never be in the military – only yours trying to pay for their “worthless” college education.

If David Boren spent as much time getting his graduates jobs versus proposing taxing Oklahomans, the state might move ahead.  He won’t, he doesn’t and we never move ahead.  We even have Tom Cole’s pollster heading the Commerce Department.  No one could be that bone headed except us – thinking economic development can be handled by a pollster.

Well, after attending the convention, my family went to Michigan for a few days.

My grandmother once had a home in Muskegon.  I had not seen it in years. So we went to look with the owners’ approval.

Seeing the residence brings home how many things have changed over the years if you are counting.

In the 1950s, there were few billionaires.  If you made $10,000 to $25,000, you were doing well.  America was building a middle class composed of returning service member and their spouses.  It should have continued.  America’s prosperity was the envy of the world.

Today, we have billionaires employing people around the world.  They don’t care about your family.  They don’t even know who works for them in China, India or Vietnam.  They are globalists who only care about the money.  When Donald Trump talks about the “unfair” trade agreements, the total political establishment and the press goes to war.  Bad trade agreements have killed our middle class and their towns.

America needs to change.  Maybe if our public schools had done a better job, Hillary wouldn’t even be a consideration?

Well, back to Michigan and the magic of the late 50s.  Where my grandmother lived was a beautiful place.  No fences and everyone’s gardens ran into the next yard.  There might be 200 or more yards of gardens along the lake.  It was stunning.

Today, it’s all gone.  Her neighbors, who were mostly physicians, have long since left.  Most of their houses have been replaced.  Did the 1950’s doctors do better than todays?  On Scenic Drive they did.  Today, taxes, regulations, de-inflation, and huge education expenses eat up disposable income. Forty percent of Americans can’t cover a $500 surprise expense.   Yet, they elect politicians who have brought us to this place.  We all need a big change in Washington.  Hopefully, it’s coming.