Pastor to run versus Rep. Tom Cole

Middle school teacher and church pastor James Taylor filed paperwork to officially start his campaign to challenge 13 year incumbent Tom Cole in the Oklahoma 4th Congressional District GOP primary.

“For the past 13 years, the 4th District has been represented by Congressman Cole and his liberal votes,” said Taylor.  “Oklahoma is one of the most conservative states in the country and it’s time that we have a Congressman whose votes reflects our conservative values. I can no longer stand on the sidelines when my Congressman has one of the lowest conservative voting records in the entire country.” He called Cole’s voting scores from Heritage Action (36 percent), FreedomWorks (45 percent), Club for Growth (53 percent), and Conservative Review (40 percent) “dismal.”

“That’s why I have filed the official paperwork today to form my campaign committee and challenge Rep. Cole in the upcoming GOP primary for the 4th Congressional District in Oklahoma,” said Taylor.

Taylor is the senior pastor of Christ’s Church in Norman.  He is also a middle school teacher at Roosevelt Middle School in Southwest Oklahoma City, where the student body is almost entirely Hispanic and over 90 percent qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

“Everyday, I get the opportunity to teach students who know next to nothing about America’s rich history and the people who rose from adversity to pursue the American Dream,” said Taylor.  “However, I realized that unless real, conservative, change happens in our government, I will no longer be able to teach that ‘hope of a brighter future’ to our next generation. We must get our nations debt under control and stop this wasteful spending in Congress to right this ship. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen that with our current representative. Tom Cole.  Under his watch, our national debt has ballooned from $6 trillion in 2002 to $19 trillion today.  This must stop. But with your help, I plan to bring an end to the Washington insider, politics as usual legislation that we’ve experienced with Rep. Cole.  Together we can make a difference and bring conservative change to the 4th District.”

James Taylor and his wife, Rapheala, have four children between them and two grandchildren.  They live in Norman.  For more information, visit