Letter to the editor: Pastors need to answer questions about reclaiming America

I would like to comment on the short article “Reclaiming America for Christ conference is July 14-16” in the Tulsa Beacon. The valid point is raised: “most Christians … don’t know how to answer objections to their faith.” The conference agenda then appears to promise answers.  Are the right questions being asked?

The starting point of Christianity’s answers is of course the Bible.  The end point is that when a majority of persons in a democratic society are indeed Christian, then the culture, including civil law, will eventually conform and confirm Biblical principles.  This was the America of centuries ago which, no doubt, is the “America” this conference strives to “reclaim.”

The problem is the (Biblical) process of going from start to finish is misunderstood by most Christians due to error in our pulpits.  This is of course a daring accusation as well as a huge topic.  Let me try to explain myself by asking what I believe are just a few of the right questions.

Is there a Scriptural basis for abortion as murder?  If yes, what is it, and why are the pulpits not teaching it, and why are pulpits not correcting those in their own congregation who support abortion?

If indeed it is murder shouldn’t there be civil law prohibiting abortion?  Why is the evil of civil sin not ever preached?  On the other hand, if no, why do Christians unite around this idea?  Why don’t they just keep quiet?

Is there a Scriptural basis for homosexuality as sin?  if yes, what is it?  Why are the pulpits not teaching it?  Why are pulpits not correcting those in their own congregation who condone, support or perform homosexual acts?  Should there be civil law and punishment for homosexual acts?  Why or why not (using Bible of course)?

Similar questions could be constructed using “Shariah law” in the place of “abortion” or “homosexuality.”  These are only a few of the many facets of American culture that have drifted away from early America and are worth reclaiming.  Pastors, I dare you to use the Bible to answer these questions.