Letter to the editor: People are speaking but who listens?

The people are speaking . . . but I am not sure all of you are listening. We are tired of the corruption, collusion, fraud and waste of taxpayer funds in federal, state, county and city governments. It seems that even people with good intentions, once they get elected, tend to take the path of least resistance and end up going astray.

Too many elected officials are listening to the lobbyists and the “big money” crowd – they are being influenced by the large sums of money — and ordinary citizens are being shut out of the political process – because too many of you are not listening!

This 2016 presidential election is bringing this corruption to the attention of the American people. The political establishment in both parties is trying to control this election, override the will of the people, and put their “go along-get along” willing accomplice in the president’s chair.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are communicating a message that is resonating with the American people. You would do well to listen to the people – and – throw your support behind one of these two Republican candidates. Any attempts to trash their reputation will fail. The American people can see right through that and it will only embolden them to throw-out the establishment.

You would do well to heed this advice. Listen to the people!