Editorial: People listen to Donald Trump

Kudos to Donald Trump.

Trump may not be the best choice to be the next president but he has soared to the top of the polls because he speaks the truth and battles the liberal media (and moderate Republicans).

Trump “got in trouble” because he accurately pointed out that some of the millions of illegal aliens streaming through our southern border are criminals, including rapists. He correctly pointed out that some are good people.

The Democrats, their faithful media allies and GOP moderates (like Jeb Bush) stood in line to condemn Trump and wish that his business would lose every customer it has. You see, in America in 2015, you must be punished if you step one inch outside the ring of political correctness.

Fortunately Trump, who is wealthy enough to take the blows and finance his own campaign, is forcing other Republicans to stand up agains the liberal media and say what most people are thinking.

Trump could add a great deal of content to the upcoming GOP debates.