Editorial: Persecution of President Trump

President Donald Trump said a bad word in a private meeting and it got reported to the liberal press by a Democrat at that meeting.

Trump shouldn’t have used that word.

But every action taken by the President, his family and his administration is cast in a negative light by the national media and our local daily newspaper and TV stations.

Has Hillary Clinton ever said a curse word? You bet she has. Did Barack Obama swear in the White House? Undoubtedly. Did George W. Bush utter a curse word in an inappropriate moment while he was president? Yes.

And Bill Clinton had sex in the Oval Office and yet he is glorified by the Democrats and liberal Republicans.

President Trump is not a racist. He has been all over the world and he understands that you can’t help other countries by diminishing America. A great America is the greatest hope for other nations in need.

America must have borders. The progressive media and the Democrats want open borders, total amnesty and America’s wealth redistributed to other nations.

But most of all, they want to destroy Trump’s administration and to import poor immigrants who will register as Democrats.

Trump uses salty language at times. So did past presidents. The difference is that the mainstream media now tries to use those instances to generate fake news and paint the President as a racist.

The facts tell a different story.