Editorial: Perverted kindergarten lessons

Homosexuals are taking the fight for special rights and forced recognition to elementary schools.

An example is Rocklin Academy Gateway, a charter school in Rocklin, California.

Two families were shocked when their daughters came home from school and described how their kindergarten teacher taught them a lesson about the merits of sex changes (transgender). Believe it or not, one of the kindergarten boys is being dressed as a girl by his parents. The teacher read her students a book about changing your sex.

The community is so disturbed and divided by this issue that the parents of kindergarten students who complained asked for anonymity in a media interview because they feared retribution for themselves and their children.

The students told their parents that they were afraid they might have to change their sex. This type of indoctrination is designed to create doubt in children about their gender and it works like a charm when delivered by a teacher.

Another kindergarten student, a 5-year-old, called the boy who was dressed like a girl by his real name and not his new “girl” name. That resulted in a trip to the principal’s office and a mild reprimand from the chief administrator.

Under the homosexual agenda, there is no room for disagreement. Anyone who thinks that men are men and women are women have to be reprimanded and retrained.

And now kindergarten students are targets.

The school insisted that the student was not reprimanded but she was just pulled out of class to have “a conversation with the principal.”

This is child abuse, both for the boy who is being dressed up like a girl, and his 5-year-old classmates who are forced to listen to a liberal lecture on perversion.

The homosexuals are targeting children.