Petition against smart meters

The Tulsa 9.12 Project is promoting a petition to “provide a more accurate accounting to Oklahoma elected officials, the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, of the actual number of Oklahomans desiring an opt-out of the AMI or AMR digital (smart) meters.”

“Utility companies are telling our elected officials, the Attorney Generals office and OK Corporation Commissioners that very few ‘people requested to opt-out of AMI (smart meters) or AMR (modified smart meter),” said Tulsa 9.12 spokeswoman Ronda Vuillemont-Smith. “In fact, PSO told a legislator fewer than 50 people chose to opt-out in their service area. Is this figure accurate or is PSO misleading our elected officials?”

The Tulsa 9.12 Project is asking Oklahomans to sign the petition if:

  • They wanted to refuse a smart meter but were not offered the option.
  • They requested an opt out and the utility company placed a smart meter or modified smart meter on their home and they prefer a non-digital analog meter.
  • They have safety concerns about smart meters (including the increased risk of a house fire).
  • They have privacy concerns (the 24/7 collection of personal date from their homes).
  • They have health concerns (a percentage of the population experiences a negative health reaction when exposed to continuous electro-magnetic radiation).

Go to to sign the petition.