Editorial: Picking winners and losers

Government is not supposed to pick winners and losers.

But that is exactly what some city councilors want to do.

They are seeking a moratorium to block the addition of certain retail stores in North Tulsa so that they can bring a full-service supermarket back to that part of town.

In other words, big-government councilors want to deny the free market for some and pave the way for others. This is similar to the government’s strategy for Downtown – use tax money from the rest of the city to subsidize unpopular private housing and business ventures Downtown.

Liberals have declared a “food desert” in North Tulsa and the only way they think it can be fixed is through government intervention. Their mistaken belief is that citizens have a right to three square meals a day and that the government must provide everyone with food, including public funding for hand-picked private groceries.

They claim they can solve “unbalanced development” in North Tulsa.

What they want to do is to thwart the free market. Why don’t supermarkets succeed in North Tulsa? Buying habits, poor management, bad merchandising and crime are possible reasons.

The only way a supermarket will succeed in North Tulsa is for it to attract and keep good customers. The answer is not to eliminate so-called dollar stores and it government regulations and over-taxation are not solutions.

Tulsa has invested tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure in North Tulsa. That is a good role for government. Banning certain stores in favor of supermarkets is not a proper role for city government.

Help should come from the taxpayer-subsidized chamber of commerce but that will never happen in Tulsa.