Pipeline opposition shows Obama’s effort to increase gasoline prices

A new situation has surfaced in the much-delayed approval of the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline – proposed to run from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, to Cushing, Oklahoma, to connect with a completed section from Cushing to Houston and Port Arthur in Texas. As has been much reported, the PRESBO Administration seems to be opposed to this despite his pronouncement while in Oklahoma at Cushing during the 2010 campaign that he “would see that it is approved and built if re-elected.” This was while he was standing for photos in front of extensive stacks of line pipe all ready to be laid in the south leg from there, which was already approved and under construction. Pipeline companies do not purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of materials and equipment until the project is approved.

PRESBO is aided and bolstered in his opposition to the northern section by numerous groups of “environmental extremists” who showed up to get photo-op coverage in opposition to the proposed line. Further delay in approval has been orchestrated by various federal departments including, but not limited to, the EPA, state, energy and interior – also by some tribal groups whose activities in opposition may very well be funded by those who would sabotage our efforts to have the United States become energy independent.

News of the new delay surfaced in a story in the daily paper on July 28 under the byline of James Nord of Associated Press. The headline read, “Keystone pipeline hearing underway,” with a sub-head of “South Dakota regulators will decide once again whether to approve the plan.” The gist of the story is that the project was approved in 2010, but the federal delays have prevented construction to begin for over five years. State law requires that if construction does not begin within four years, the commission is required to hold a new hearing. The chairman of the commission is quoted as saying it is unlikely they will come to a final decision at the new hearings.

The story also stated the project had opposition from tribes, some landowners and environmental groups “concerned the pipeline would contaminate water supplies and contribute to pollution.” Previous statements made by me have stated that water supply contamination would be virtually impossible, since the past complaints were that a line leak would allow oil to leak down into the water zones. The main water zone is at some depth and carries pressure from the source in the Rockies where is gets the water at a substantially higher elevation than in Nebraska/South Dakota and would not likely get deep enough to even be close to the zone.

All this, in my opinion, serves to bolster my contention that it is part of the stated plan of PRESBO and his supporters to raise the price of gasoline to the price paid in Europe. Also, he has stated that he intended to “put the coal mines and coal-fired generating plants out of business,” again with the intention of raising the price of electricity to the people. Of course the claim is made that the need is to combat “global warming” – now referred to as “climate change.” Since the records show no warming in the last eighteen years, some climate “experts” are now postulating that we may be entering into another ice age – as was feared back in the 1970s. Only time will tell about that.

More recently, PRESBO has been proclaiming that he will not stand by and allow the climate to change from excess carbon dioxide. Again this is phony, since carbon dioxide is not at all responsible for climate warming, whereas water vapor can be. The most likely cause is increased activity by the Sun, since it is the source of all heat in the atmosphere. Recently some observers have postulated that we may be entering into an era of major solar activity.