Letter to the editor: Pit bulls aren’t as nice as advertised

Police report that in Goochland County, Virginia, a woman was mauled to death by her own pit bulls while she was out for a walk. Sadly, pit bull owners will come to the defense of their pets, usually by saying their dogs would never attack someone, much less maul them to death.

Several decades ago, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Florida said he had to often operate on children and elderly adults who had been horribly mutilated by a family pit bull. (This was before parts of Florida made owning pit bulls illegal.) He said every time the pit bull’s owners would say they didn’t understand how this could happen because their dog was a family pet and had never harmed anyone.

There are just too many reports now of pit bulls’ vicious attacks to deny that there is definitely some malicious nature in pit bull dogs which comes out unexpectedly.