Planned Parenthood diminished

January 24, 2013

Planned Parenthood has closed a center in West Tulsa because the Oklahoma State Department of Health ended its WIC contract and its six employees have been let go.


Maybe the rest of the Planned Parenthood centers will also close.  Planned Parenthood is a pro-abortion group that feeds off public money. It encourages pregnant women to kill their unborn babies in their wombs. It helps young people get contraceptives and will not encourage abstinence when it comes to sexual behavior.

The state killed the WIC contract because it was helping a low number of people and it cost too much. Also, Planned Parenthood was not very open about how it runs its operations. Even though Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma doesn’t perform abortions, it gives referrals and encourages abortion.

Planned Parenthood officials claim that stopping the WIC contract was based on politics and it tried to get the contract continued in federal court. That strategy failed and the agency has pled its case in the liberal media to no avail.

What is the role of government? Should tax money go to encourage teens to have sex outside of marriage or to have an abortion? Should the state endorse sexual irresponsibility with millions in funding?

If Planned Parenthood is doing such a great work, the liberals who believe in abortion on demand and teen sex should pay the bills.