Letter to the editor: Playing the race card

On a recent afternoon, I was driving south on Memorial Drive at 2 p.m. By the curb, I saw a black man harassing a black woman and she is fighting him. Normally, I would have picked up my cell phone and reported this to the Tulsa police. However, based on the news of the day, I hated to subject the TPD to another charge of bigotry or prejudice.

Now, locals who wish to exploit the situation of Terence Crutcher’s death include a local attorney and the Tulsa World. Both have a long history of playing the race card (since they make money doing so). They send out reports to national news. Then out come the bigots of national fame – President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others from the national Democrat Party.

Al Sharpton comes forward because he makes a great deal of money in situations like this.

Is it not strange that this situation, like past local and national events, that the script is very similar? When all is said and done, a black man with an extensive criminal record and time in prison is the victim. Now why would a police officer be concerned when someone leaves their vehicle running in the middle of 36th Street North? It doesn’t seem that you have to be very smart to have a level of concern.

Now we come to the question, “What’s the deal?” Obama and Hillary want to expand their role and develop their national police force. I served in the U.S. Army in Germany in the 1950s and learned their language.

I spent time in German homes. I have studied German history (but I have no personal German ancestry). I learned Hitler’s “national force” was the Gestapo. And the national press for Russia was the Pravda.

Now it looks like our national press and the Democrats are perhaps repeating history. That’s sad, because I was once a Democrat.