Editorial: Pointless projects along the river

The City of Tulsa is preparing to waste a lot of money on the Arkansas River.

A park project along Riverside Drive is way behind schedule and has cost overruns. It’s almost guaranteed that more public funding than anticipated will be wasted on this overblown playground.

Tulsa sales tax revenues are flat or falling almost every month. Tulsa keeps raising sales tax and officials wonder why shoppers go to Wagoner County, Creek County, Osage County, Washington County and Rogers County to spend their cash. Young people especially are ordering more goods online and sometimes dodging the required sales tax.

The bigwigs who are part of the chamber cabal don’t care how much is wasted on river projects because they are getting to spend someone else’s money. Much of the private funding for many of these kinds of projects are siphoned off family foundations that are essentially tax dodges. By law, they have to spend a percentage of that foundation money each year.

Tulsans have wanted to enjoy the banks of the Arkansas River for years but it has been limited due to the influence of a small but powerful business/social group.

Even when Tulsa builds something, city leaders never adequately plan for unavoidable maintenance costs.

The City of Jenks has successfully developed their riverfront, putting Tulsa to shame for the lack of meaningful development.

Tulsa will never have a riverfront like San Antonio, Texas. Tulsa has a limited vision and its municipal government moves as slow as molasses. You can guarantee that any river project will not be finished on time and will cost more than projected.

We have a clear example along Riverside Drive on the east bank right now.