Letter: Prayer is needed for hope in America

January 9, 2014
Letter from: Martin Keating, Tulsa

Sadly, it seems that the socialistic “Kool-Aid” is so addictive that reality now takes a back seat most every time, especially among those who are willfully ignorant. The taxes needed to sustain an evil economic and political system continue to be drained (stolen?) from the pockets of individuals who work hard and, with their unique gifts, try to make this world a better place for all.

I’m no “Bible thumper” but I’m increasingly recommending prayer as at least one hopeful (and maybe the only effective) solution to a system that will eventually impoverish and threaten the existence of the entire human race. Surely, the Creator of all knows what’s going on and will come to the aid of a worried, sincere and prayerful people who otherwise don’t seem to have a voice in today’s aberrant world. They just want good to prevail. To me, that was the original plan.