President-elect Trump seems like he will keep his promises

From my point of view, it appears that President-elect Trump is already acting on some of the items contained in his Contract With America issued last month (shades of Newt Gingrich in 1994 – which is credited for a major takeover of majority in the House of Congress). When that group of promises made by Trump became known to me, and not by the conventional media, my optimism for his intent took a major leap upward. It seems that almost every day, even during the recent Christmas/New Year holiday season, there were announcements forthcoming of his actions and appointments.

It seems that he intends to go around the network and print media and direct to the people through the Internet with his own announcements of his actions. A smart move since they have proved again and again that the “truth is not in them” and they will misreport or simply lie about what he announces to them. This may explain why they in those media are so irritated and loudly complaining about his actions this way. They may feel he is making them irrelevant, and rightly so. Perhaps this past election has caused a majority of the legal voting population to finally wake up and begin to think for themselves.

For example, he recently announced that Carrier Corp., who intended to close a manufacturing plant and transfer the activities to a new one in Mexico (thus losing well over 1,000 jobs), had decided, after a meeting with him and his vice president-elect, to keep the plant open and keep at least 1,000 of the jobs here. Not surprisingly, PRESBO came right out and claimed that he had made that deal, even though there had been no announcement of his attempt until after Trump and the corporate executives jointly made a public announcement of the agreement.

Also, beginning almost immediately after the Electoral College confirmed his election, his transition team was working hard to evaluate prospects for administration appointments.

Most of those already announced have been very gratifying to those of us constitutional conservatives waiting with bated breath. The announced appointments for Defense, Education, and Energy were welcome news. Despite the expected and loud protests of the Communist/Socialist crowd, they seem to be indicating that his campaign proposals were not just political hot air but that he fully intends to carry through with them.

In particular, I no longer have any worry that he might decide to take me up on my stated offer to be head of Energy if for only the reason to “close it down” – as stated earlier.

A relief, since having a residence in the District of Columbia is not, and never has been, on my list of things to do (A little levity there). There is mixed emotion over his taking our Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to become head of the unlawful-acting EPA. I believe he will rein in the wayward conduct of the bureaucrats holding down that agency, which should ultimately save we who use energy huge amounts of money in the future, as well as literally hundreds of thousands of rather well-paying jobs.

My major disagreement with his stated proposals is in the realm of income tax changes, where he has proposed a “three level tax.” Income taxes should be at only one single percent.

But that still leaves intact the most corrupt IRS, which, if only because of the proven corruption of the agents, should be abolished completely. This would require the repeal of the 16th Amendment, and the income tax could be replaced by the proposed FairTax, which would pay for current costs of government, and be totally (and optional) tax levied on first purchases, and those below poverty level would be essentially tax free. Also, wage earners would see a complete pay check, without the many existing deductions now taken out. It is in Congress as HJR 26 with over 60 co-sponsors.