Editorial: President Obama’s inaction

While racists among the Black Lives Matter movement advocate the murder of police officers, President Obama is silent.

In a period in our history when a president could use his bully pulpit to bring people closer together, Obama, America’s first black president, won’t denounce the dangerous rhetoric against law enforcement.

His stance or inaction isn’t surprising. He refuses to call acts of Islamic terrorism the actions of Islamic terrorists. Obama is more concerned about the feelings of our enemies than support of our friends. Obama refuses to address an even bigger problem – black crime against other black people. That affects a lot more than white cops versus black suspects.

There are corrupt policemen. They should be investigated and charged, if they commit a crime. Most police officers are not corrupt. They risk their lives daily to ensure the peace and to enforce the laws.

Now, thanks to Black Lives Matters and the indifference of Barack Obama, their lives are more at risk.

For 50 years, America has been inching toward a “color blind” society – one in which race or the color of your skin didn’t matter.

Agitators now are trying to build a frenzy against white authority figures and to take control through violence – the exact opposite message of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Black lives do matter. White lives matter. All lives – even unborn lives – matter.

You can’t correct one injustice with another. Eliminate law enforcement’s effectiveness and you have chaos.

Then no one’s life will matter.