President Trump is bringing hope back to a population in despair

It seems that there are substantial numbers of acquaintances, friends, and unmet readers who are truly concerned about the near future of our nation, the United States of America. Contacts are made with me numerous times by citizens really and deeply concerned about the future of our beloved republic, given the continuing uproar and nasty critics of PRESDT, his family and staff. To be quite frank, I am most encouraged with the progress being made on most of the campaign promises. Admittedly there are some that must be accomplished out of the public eye, yet are progressing.

On May 21st, there was a “news” report, from one of the more reliable sources, that a shipyard that builds some of the largest naval ships (such as carriers) has advised the Defense Department that it could save $1.5 billion if they would have an order to build three at a time, rather than one at a time.  Well, duh!

Of course there can be the savings of quantity and that they said would be $500 million per ship. PRESDT had promised to rebuild the Navy to past strength, something really needed if we are to have security for our military as well as ourselves here. He has stated a few weeks ago that there were over 200 bids from contractors for proposals to build the “wall.” I had earlier privately made a proposal to U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, about a method that would save substantial money and enhance military construction units with the result of higher quality and earlier completion result. No reply from the administration yet.

But last month, we had PRESDT with wife and daughter on a rapid formal visit to the Middle East and Europe. TV news pictures of his reception in Saudi Arabia have indicated a reception far more elaborate than any president in the past. Further, his ladies were not required to have their beautiful heads covered with scarves, much, it appears, to the delight of the officials from other Islamic nations. He negotiated a multi-billion-dollar military equipment deal, which will make them more able to confront the extremist nations – especially Iran whom they most fear. That will bring more work to our defense industries.

His meeting with Israel President Netanyahu seemed far more cordial than his predecessor received, and with good reason. He even went to the Wailing Wall. which brought a much warmer reception. He is the first U.S. president to do so, it was reported. He has also met with the president of the Palestinians to, hopefully bring about much reduction in killing there.

We should remember that rulers and citizens of other nations do respect leaders that exhibit resolution and intent to utilize the superior military available to maintain their own safety, which it seems that PRESDT has made clear is his intent. Also, it is most refreshing to me to have as our CIC (commander In chief) a person who does not pull punches in his speaking but makes very clear his meaning. I am tired to exhaustion of those “diplomats” and their flowery and soft-speaking ways that include a multitude of lies. They remind me of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who in late August or early September of 1939 after a meeting with Hitler proclaimed, “peace in our time.”

Sure there was. Just two days later, Hitler’s Wehrmacht invaded Poland with motarized military and succeeded in winning in just a few days. As an aside, my memory is most accurate since my parents had sailed from Europe on Labor Day to return home after being there on business since May, and I was to have been with them until departure from here was moved to earlier in May and Mother would not allow me out of school despite all teachers claiming I would learn much more on the trip than in the last three weeks of school.

In short, things appear to be looking up, despite the loud and nasty proclamations of those of the C/S mentality in both political parties. We could do well without them (Swamp drainage). But we of a different and patriotic, sensible thought process cannot simply sit back and wring hands or weep over the way things look. God is still in charge, and if we will turn to Him and ask His intervention, we will see a major shift in direction just as we did in the last year election. It is my opinion that we need to encourage our clergy to not be shy about stating their feelings on these matters and correct those who seem to be grossly misguided.