Editorial: President Trump is no globalist

The “fake news” media are upset because President Donald Trump is not a globalist.

They are constantly irritated when he mentions his campaign theme, “make America great again.” And the liberals at MSNBC and CNN get furious when Trump talks about America reclaiming its greatness when he is abroad.

And the socialists and communists at the United Nations are not too happy about talk about America’s greatness, national sovereignty and closed borders.

For year, globalists have preached the advantages of a one-world government. President Clinton, President Obama and even President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush praised efforts to “bring the world together.”

Unlike Trump, they don’t understand that the world is a better place with a strong and prosperous America. Obama wanted to drag America down to the levels of Third World countries with wealth redistribution through the faulty concept of climate change. Obama wanted us to pay more for energy even though we have the cleanest energy in the world. Obama wanted open borders and total amnesty for illegal aliens within our borders. Obama hated our friends and helped our enemies because that is what a globalist does.

America is the most generous nation in the world. When calamity strikes, we are there to help.

Our leaders should not be a part of a scheme to rob us of our sovereignty and resources. The World is a better place because there is an America.

President Trump understands this. He is not a globalist. And that is a refreshing trait in the White House.