Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz in Tulsa

Ted Cruz

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz sees Oklahoma as a strategic state in on Super Tuesday and his campaign brought him to Tulsa December 23 to help build grassroots support.

“Oklahoma is a critical state,” Cruz said in a press conference in the ORU Mabee Center prior to a campaign rally before thousands of supporters. “Super Tuesday will be a turning point (in the Republican nomination process).”

New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada have primaries (or caucuses)  before Super Tuesday (March 1), when Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, North Dakota, Tennessee, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming hold primaries or caucuses.

Cruz has made three trips to Tulsa and he also stopped in Oklahoma City December 23. Cruz was hosted in Tulsa by U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Tulsa, who is part of his campaign in Oklahoma. Cruz is rising in the polls and is a solid second behind frontrunner Donald Trump, a New York businessman.

Cruz said he has 160,000 volunteers all across the country and more than 600,000 Americans have contributed money to his campaign.

He said the last time he came to Tulsa, an elderly man spoke with him and identified himself as a lifelong Democrat who had voted for Obama in 2008.  “I changed my registration today so I could vote for you,” Cruz said the man told him.

Cruz, one of the few candidates who has refused to attack Trump, spoke of his mistreatment by the liberal media.

“They want someone who is docile and house trained,” Cruz said. The voters want leaders who will actually do what they say.

On December 21, the Washington Post ran an editorial cartoon depicting Cruz with his young daughters as “monkeys” on leashes. The paper later retracted that cartoon online.

“There’s not much that ticks me off,” Cruz said. “But making fun of my girls will do it. We all learned in kindergarten – don’t hit little girls. The hardest part of this campaign is being away from my daughters. Our kids should be off limits.

“I appreciate that the Post pulled the cartoon.”

Cruz said Obama and Mrs. Clinton were “unfit” for the presidency because they won’t battle radical Islamic terrorists.