Editorial: Presidential lies about energy

President Obama said his energy policies will mean lower energy bills for Americans.

That’s just a lie.

In August, Obama said Americans are choosing wind and solar power because “they like saving money.” That is so far from the truth that it is laughable.

Energy costs for homeowners are skyrocketing because of Obama’s war on coal and his policies that discourage exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

Obama is ready to give $150,000,000,000.00 to Iran and that will make the energy costs rise even higher because it will stop the American energy industry in its tracks.

Everyone wants a clean environment. There has always been a balance to be struck between energy and the environment. In the 1970s, the national speed limit was dropped to 55 mph. That saved gas and lives but it throttled the economy. Using that strategy, a national speed limit of 30 mph would save more gas with fewer accidents.

But that isn’t practical.

The technology for solar and wind power makes it impractical due to generation problems (due to overcast skies and a lack of wind) and transmission and storage concerns. No one is wanting an end to wind or solar power but it is simply not enough.

America has one fourth of the world’s coal reserves and we know how to use it safely. We have growing estimates of oil and natural gas reserves – maybe even  more than Saudi Arabia.

Obama is using borrowed federal funds to pump up an artificial energy sector and the results are disastrous. Lying about home energy bills just makes the problems worse.