Presidents, polling places and poll watchers on November 8th

Thankfully this is the final tome to be published prior to the election on November 8. In the future, attention can be directed to the problems of the world at that time. There are plenty even now that have covered up or diverted attention to the dirty talk and even violence attendant to the ongoing presidential campaigns. In my opinion, they are beginning far too soon, as are the early primary votes.

As has been said and written before, my paternal grandfather was reported by my Dad to have said at the beginning of the use of primary elections, “The primary election process is the beginning of the end of the Republic as we know it.” He had been a real journalist, founding and/or owning at least three different newspapers, and on retiring, being appointed postmaster in Blackwell, Oklahoma (at that time in the 1920s a political appointment).

In my 85 years of being old enough to observe presidential elections, the present one has been the most verbally nasty, untruthful all the way down, and even deliberately violent.

Earlier this month, there was a local county Republican Party office in Hillsborough North Carolina, that was the victim of a firebomb attack. The AP report also indicated that someone had spray-painted “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” on a nearby wall. To their credit, it was later reported

that some local Democrats had started a fund drive and quickly raised $15,000 to pay for the damages. That is certainly more like it!

Unfortunately, any involvement by federal agencies in investigating such goings-on will be suspect as to even-handedness, given the recent results of the investigation of Secretary H. R. Clinton and her actions in the Department of State. While the United States is supposed to be a nation of laws – where all are considered equal before the law – it appears that certain people and groups of people are “far more equal than others.”

It even has come out, through email leaks, that the Clinton campaign has sent hired thugs to attempt to disrupt any and all Trump rallies. It was feared that there would be massive violent disruptions and demonstrations during the Republican National Convention. It should be noted that those delegates familiar to me have reported that security was substantial and at least three blocks deep around the convention hall and no disruptions were noted. That is, except inside the hall, where there was orchestrated use of those in the alternate delegate sections to misdirect the decision on voice vote issues. Note: Democrats were not involved!

Much attention is now being directed to possible (probable) massive vote fraud, a subject in which some personal experience has been mine. Several years ago, first-hand verbal information was given to me about such goings-on right here in Tulsa County. In this case, my informant had actually witnessed the bussing of young men from precinct to precinct where they were each given a name to vote (the name being of a person deceased or not recently voting but still registered, perhaps moved out of state). My informant stated that on being asked what they were paid, the answer was, “$10 plus a keg of beer on the bus.”

To ease these activities, the law governing “poll watchers” (appointed by the parties) was changed some decades ago and now they are not required to be present while the poll is open. It is beyond my understanding how poll watchers can watch if they are not inside. Also, in a recent primary two years ago I observed what was considered to be vote fraud in a recount during a local run-off election for a Tulsa County office. If any suspicious activities are observed, we all should quickly notify the local sheriff and/or district or U..S attorney.