Letter to the editor: Prideful Hillary was brought low by vote

It’s 12:36 a.m. on Wednesday. I had been watching the presidential election returns all night and it was a real nailbiter.

As the night progressed, I saw God working.

God has a sense of humor and He hates pride.

So, Hillary Clinton has been brought down low. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Even if she had eventually won, God was making her squirm. Obviously she thought she would win hands down. But God had a surprise for her. He has wiped that prideful smile off her face.

Trump was elected and all of her crazy ideas go down the drain. Obama will not have a third term through her. God is in control. Who won was us to Him.

I also thank God that we have a Republican Congress. America needs change.

Also, and this is more important, America need to turn back to God. We have turned into a pagan nation. The sinful ways of our nation are condemned in God’s Word.