Prison reform measures don’t pass

Gov. Mary Fallin was pushing for criminal justice reform, including Senate Bill 603, SB604 and House Bill 2284 and nine other bills that didn’t pass.

Fallin blamed Rep. Scott Biggs, R-Chickasha, chairman of the House of Representatives Judicial Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee, for failure of her preferred bills.

Biggs said that the state was trying to pass too much at one time.

Fallin wants to release more criminals from prison to ease overcrowding.

Fallin also signed House Bill 1845, which puts Oklahoma in line with federal mandates under the REAL ID Act. Oklahomans can choose not to have a drivers license with biometric information but those who want one can get one under the new law.

Fallin also signed Senate Bill 872, which transfers ownership of the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum to the City of Oklahoma City. The project has had one cost overrun after another and this should relieve the state from that financial burden.