Editorial: Pro-abortion Hillary slips up

Hillary Clinton thinks that unborn babies are “persons” but that they should still be killed at the discretion of a mother based on convenience or choice.

Clinton, a lawyer, fell into her own trap when she said, “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

Mrs. Clinton, who desperately wants women to vote for her, doesn’t seem to understand that all people have equal rights under our Constitution. If the unborn are “people,” then society has no right to kill them in their mother’s womb.

Clinton is a staunch supporter of abortion on demand and her stance has been characterized as “it’s not a ‘baby’ until it leaves the hospital.”

Planned Parenthood and other radical pro-abortion groups are livid with Mrs. Clinton calling the unborn babies “persons.” Their message has to be that the life destroyed in a mother’s womb is not really a human until it is born.

They think babies are just “clumps of tissue.”

Science contradicts that. Unborn babies feel pain in their first trimester, as shown by up-to-date ultrasound machines. And not even the most avid abortionist could successfully argue that 8 1/2- month-old baby is not alive, viable and a person.

Democrat/Socialist Bernie Sanders agrees with Clinton.

No one can prove that Republicans have “declared war on women” but it easy to see that Democrats have declared “war on unborn women.”