Editorial: Problems with Syrian refugees

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing war-torn Syria and America’s liberal media is emphasizing the human suffering that invariably accompanies this kind of flight from tyranny.

Europe is taking in thousands and President Obama has pledged to pick up 10,000 and bring them to the United States.

It sounds like a compassionate gesture, consistent with the caring history of the people of the United States.

But there is an evil lurking in these movements.

According to published reports, up to 80 percent of these refugees are military-age men – not the families and little children that show up in reports on ABC, NBC and CBS.

Could some of these men be secret agents for ISIS? Some have already popped up in Western Europe. It is not beyond the scope of the Islamic movement to infiltrate western culture by planting terrorists among seemingly harmless refugees.

And even if there were no ISIS operatives, this is a giant effort to force the Islamic culture on the West rather than trying to assimilate into the culture of their new homelands.

It is almost impossible to sort out the good from the bad because the paperwork is shoddy and sometimes counterfeit. FBI officials have already declared that Islam has sleeper cells in all 50 states. Now Obama is rolling out the red carpet for men who could be blowing up our malls and killing our children in just a few weeks.

The answer for these refugees lies in the nations of the Middle East. That is where they should receive sanctuary. But that isn’t going to happen, thanks to an American president more concerned with his father’s religion than the welfare of the nation he is supposed to lead.