Progressive-engineered plan skyrocketing health care costs

Well, I have to admit I was wrong when I recently wrote about by expectation of a steep increase in my family’s health care premiums.  I wrote, ” I could finance four brand new, moderately priced cars for what my monthly health insurance premium will be.”

I was wrong because I could finance five, not four, brand new moderately priced cars.  Five.

Obamacare is right on track to make Americans who are desperate for affordable health care to be willing to accept its end goal, a single-payer system.  And it will be so seductive – just think what a relief it will be to finally have “free” health care when all medical bills will be paid for by the federal government.

In reality, the end goal is not just a single-payer system, but a single party system.

First of all, people with entitlement mentalities are almost always registered as Democrats.  As the price of health care rises (with the perception that it is rising due to greed by insurance companies), even those who would never have considered accepting anything from the government will be eager to sign up.

In reality, this is the radical transformation of the Republican and Democratic parties into one party, the Progressive party.

In a nutshell, progressivism is nothing like its euphemistic name implies – its ultimate goal is the centralization of power, and it is no coincidence that its first major target is health care, which comprises a large part of our economy.  And who hasn’t heard the phrase “when you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything”?

The implications against religious liberties are also enormous in this takeover.  A large portion of our health care facilities are Catholic, who have consistently fought against being forced to perform abortions.

The next big target is an even bigger market than health care – the housing market, and the subject of my last few articles is the Housing Development Toolkit, released by the Obama administration in September of this year.

This document does not have the force of law yet, but it will become so at some point.  Not every city will be willing to adopt it as their own law, but the promise to supply or withhold federal funding will insure its passage.

The crux of this document is to cause people to move to cities by giving developers the ability to build multi-family housing projects with greater ease and less interference from government.  But that will only happen if they stick to the rules.  What rules you ask?  Well, the ones that are intended to transform our cities to the liking of the progressives who write the rules.

Of course, the rules seem quite benign, even attractive.  Here is just one except from the Toolkit that promises “healthy, responsive, affordable, high-opportunity housing markets”:

“Establishing by-right development.

“Taxing vacant land or donate it to non-profit developers.

“Streamlining or shortening permitting processes and timelines.

“Eliminate off-street parking requirements.

“Allowing accessory dwelling units.

“Establishing density bonuses.

“Enacting high-density and multifamily zoning.

“Employing inclusionary zoning.

“Establishing development tax or value capture incentives.

“Using property tax abatements.”

At the outset, these sound great, but the intent of these rules is to densify our cities, creating more housing units (not single family homes) per acre.  And where will the inhabitants for these come from?  From our rural areas, those who can no longer make a living in towns whose industries have left.  From suburbs, or if not the suburbs, the suburbs themselves with be densified.  And from immigration.

In the early 1990’s, someone slipped a bill in a bill that literally came within minutes of passing in our U.S. Congress.  It was called the Wildlands Project and its goal was to force our populations into our cities and to allow travel only in designated corridors between cities.  Anything not in a city or in the designated corridors, except for carefully controlled agriculture, was to be razed and reclaimed for nature with no further human contact allowed.

What the progressives have realized is that they can accomplish much the same thing simply by taking away our republic and replacing it with a one-party system, one that will dictate where people can live.

Welcome to the world of Progressivism. It sounds so positive, so enlightened, but the only thing progressive about it is that our freedoms are being progressively taken away from us.

Christians stayed home last time, and see what it brought us?  Vote for Trump, even if you don’t like him, even if he wasn’t the best among the other Republican candidates.  For now, it is our best chance to turn our country around.