Editorial: Progressive tyranny by the NCAA

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is punishing the State of North Carolina for its refusal to bow to radical homosexuality.

The NCAA announced it will move seven championship events this year from North Carolina because of a new state law that prohibits men dressed as women from entering public restrooms.

The idea is for the liberal educators running the NCAA to force their secularist idealogy on the good people of North Carolina and force them to accept homosexual behavior.

This is the same type of progressive coercion used by the National Basketball Association when it moved its All-Star Game from Charlotte to New Orleans.

The clear message from the NCAA and NBA is this  – either believe like we do or we will punish you.

They want special rights for homosexuals and they want homosexual behavior classified as a protected status with special status against “discrimination.” They want to elevate perverted sexual lifestyles to the same status as laws against racial discrimination.

In other words, the NCAA wants to rewrite the laws of North Carolina or else they will take their ball and go home.

This is particularly painful punishment because North Carolina is home to great college basketball and the decision takes away the first and second rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

Duke University had to replace a game with Albany State University because New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a liberal Democrat, decreed that state-supported entities would be banned from traveling to North Carolina. Minnesota, Washington, Vermont and Connecticut also have banned state-sponsored travel to North Carolina.

The Atlantic Coast Conference followed suit by announcing that it will move all of its neutral-site conference championship games out of North Carolina. The ACC council of presidents, who are all flaming liberals, said the decision was based on “equality, diversity, inclusion and nondiscrimination.”

They have no regard for parents who don’t want their children exposed to child molesters who pose as women to gain access to public restrooms. From their ivory towers, they want to force conservative, God-fearing lawmakers to bow to their secularism and hedonism.

Their decision means the ACC football championship game will be moved from Charlotte (probably to Orlando). ACC representatives from North Carolina members apparently voted to damage their own economies in order to accommodate homosexuals, crossdressers and men pretending to change their sex.

The NCAA might even decertify the Belk Bowl in Charlotte.

The NCAA threatened to move its headquarters out of Indiana in 2015 if the state didn’t amend its Religious Freedom Law and the state backed down.

This should not happen in America.

A college sports cabal dominated by liberal administrators should not be able to force acceptance of homosexual behavior by overturning a law passed by state legislators and supported by the people.

Every state in the Union should pass a law similar to the one in North Carolina in support. Then the NCAA could play its title games in Mexico, or better yet, in Cuba.

State lawmakers in North Carolina and other states should pass legislation requiring their state-funded institutions to quit the NCAA unless it reverses this action.

Sports fans from all over the nation should vacation in North Carolina and do their best to attend college sports events in that great state.

The NCAA is not a government body and it does not have the final say on the laws of the land.

God bless North Carolina for abandoning political correctness and standing up to the homosexual agenda.

It’s time for all decent Americans to stand firm with our Tar Heel brothers.