Editorial: Protecting freedom draws fire

The people of America and courageous lawmakers are rising up all over the country to say no to the onslaught of the homosexual agenda.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed HB 1523, the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act. This law means that the state cannot violate the conscience of business owners or individuals because of their views on marriage.

In North Carolina, lawmakers passed House Bill 2, the Bathroom Safety and Privacy Bill. It instructs that people should use men’s restrooms if they were born men and women’s restrooms if they were born women. This is a practical solution to sexual predators who pretend to change their sex and prey upon women and children in public bathrooms.

The grip on corporate America by the homosexuals is strong. Several Fortune 1000 companies are speaking out against these bills. Some are promising boycotts.

There is a Homosexual Agenda and that is evidenced by the planned protests by the ultra-liberal Human Rights Commission and its progressive allies.

Each year since 2002, the Human Rights Campaign has produced what it calls a “Corporate Equality Index” to track and report efforts within corporate America to promote homosexuality. In its latest report, the HRC discusses how it targets and rates Fortune 1000 companies and the nation’s 200 largest grossing law firms on their friendliness to homosexuality interests, and how it will penalize them for not obeying their dogma.When Americans who believe in traditional and Biblical values stand up, the HRC activates their network and pushes back.

A handful of perverted homosexual activists should not be allowed to change the culture of decency in America. Americans and Oklahomans need to support and vote for these courageous legislators at every turn.

The future of the nation is at stake.