PSO customers who refuse smart meters get threatening letter

Public Service Co. customers who refused a smart meter got a letter from PSO that threatens slower repair service, billing problems and additional fees for $407 the first year without a smart meter.

The letters were sent to electrical customers who have refused to have their analog meters replaced with the controversial smart meters. Customers refused to switch due to rising concerns about the health dangers of smart meters plus the electronic devices raise serious questions about invasion of privacy due to the information that is collected and can be sold.

PSO’s letter gives customers a 60-day deadline to request in writing that a smart meter not be installed on their homes. PSO will charge an initial fee of $71 for customers to keep their current meter and it will add a $28 surcharge to their monthly bills. If a customer asks for removal of a smart meter after January 1, the initial fee rises to $110.

If customers decline the smart meters, PSO lists four negative results according to their company policies:

  1. Customer “may” experience longer restoration times in case of a service interruption.
  2. Instead of accurate billing, bills may be “estimated” if the analog meter “cannot be read due to inclement weather.”
  3. Customers without smart meters “will not be eligible to receive future customer service benefits.”
  4. Customers without smart meters “will be required” to provide special access to their property for monthly readings and “periodic testing.” If access is denied, the customer may be charged higher fees and forced to take a smart meter.

To avoid having a smart meter, PSO customers must sign a legal form with the following language, “Customer hereby agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify AEP/PSO, American Electric Power Company, Inc., and all of their affiliated companies and any of their officers, directors, employees and agents from and against losses, liabilities, costs or damage to property caused by or in any way attributable to or related to customer’s request for a nonstandard meter, the removal of an advanced meter and/or the subsequent installation of a nonstandard meter.”

The action by PSO was approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. The OCC on its website claims that “No personal information is displayed on the outside or contained in the new meter.” The Commission also claims that smart meters are secure from electronic attacks. The OCC claims that while smart meters don’t let the utility company know what TV shows the customer is watching, systems that track “per appliance use” will be here in the future.

According to PSO, even though “(radiation) is unnerving to most…” the nonionizing radiation from smart meters have a relatively low frequency, like radio waves, infra-red waves and microwaves. According to PSO, “No health risks are known from non-ionizing radiation.” PSO admits that ionizing radiation from radioactive materials and x-rays can cause cancer, DNA structural damage and other adverse health effects. But scientists and health officials disagree as the potential damage of smart meters, which is similar to cellphone emissions.

According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, “National Toxicology Program researchers released preliminary data in May that showed small increases in tumors in male rats exposed to cellphone radiation. The rats were exposed to nine hours of radiation daily, in 10-minutes-on, 10-minutes-off intervals, over their whole bodies for two years. The researchers found increased incidences of rare brain and heart tumors starting at about the federally allowable level of cellphone radiation for brain exposure, with greater incidences at about two and four times those levels.”

According to the American Brain Tumor Association, brain tumors are the most commonly occurring type of cancer in those age 15-19 and second most common for those age 20-24.

The National Toxicology Program did a $25 million study that showed a link between wireless technology and cancer. According to its report, “5G will be making use of higher frequencies, known as ‘millimeter waves,’ which are more harmful to humans, without examination or consideration of the hazards. 5G frequencies are easily disrupted by physical interference; therefore, to overcome this limitation, a massive number of antennas will have to be positioned on almost every electric pole in the country, all utilizing higher frequencies. This deployment will significantly increase the radiation levels in the environment, making it impossible for anyone to escape this radiation, especially those who are already injured and cannot tolerate the radiation.”

Studies are showing links between wireless technology and autism and ADHD plus damage to sperm and reproductive organs.