Editorial: PSO strongarms some customers

PSO wants every customer to be forced into accepting technology that could be damaging to their health and could invade the privacy of their homes.

In August, PSO sent threatening letters to customers who had requested to keep their safe analog electric meters rather than switch to the controversial smart meters.

It has been proven that some people have been adversely affected by the radio waves broadcast from smart meters. PSO and the Obama Administration say smart meters are perfectly safe and have less radiation that most cell phones.

PSO wanted to force every customer to switch but they couldn’t get that level of coercion through the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. So instead, PSO wants to penalize customers with a $71.00 surcharge plus $26 a month to be able to keep their families safe by not attaching a smart meter to the side of their homes.  Other state-sanctioned utilities have levied fines on their customers but rarely do theirs involve this much confiscation of cash.

PSO has its health-conscious, privacy-loving customers over a barrel. Either pony up more than $400.00 this next year for new equipment you don’t need or risk having radiation from smart meters penetrate your home or office while it potentially collects personal information that should not be available to PSO. The state has a deal with PSO that gives them exclusivity in providing electricity. The firewall is the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which was weak in defending the rights of the public in this case.

And PSO’s letter also spelled out what would happen to customers without smart meters. They might not get back online as quickly as other customers in an outage. They might have to let PSO operatives come onto their private property for spot inspections of analog meters.

You get the idea.

This is an over-the-top reaction by a utility without any restraint or concern for its customers and the government should step in and put a halt to these tactics.