Letter to the editor: Putin is correct

On the surface President Obama’s recent executive order seems much milder than most “pro gun” people thought it would be. But it is very odd that while Obama armed the most savage group of terrorists in history with the most advanced weapons and  sold assault rifles to the drug dealers in Mexico, that he is so concerned with having  well-armed Americas.

Nearly one in four women ages 50 to 64 are on an antidepressant. The average weight of a new car is over 3,200 pounds and is capable of at least approaching 100 miles per hour.

Are we just as concerned about someone up to no good  driving into a bus full of children as we are shooting kids in a school? Will  anyone on antidepressants be banned from having a car or having a gun?

In the former Soviet Union , anyone who voiced opposition to communism was deemed mentally ill and had to submit to be re-educated. Recently U.S. District Judge Richard Berman ordered Dinesh D’Souza , a moviemaker critical of Obama,  to undergo counseling for having a psychological problem.  Can he have a gun now?

It is amazing that Russia’s Vladimir Putin recently advised Americans to never give up their guns.  Putin  knows first hand how tyrannical a  government can get when the citizens are disarmed. So did the Jews in Nazi Germany.