Rally for marriage, against abortion

Patriots Pastors are helping to organize a rally at  the Oklahoma Capitol from 4-6 p.m. October 25 to support Biblical marriage and to protest abortion. Paul Abner, a behind-the-scenes promoter of “Protect Life and Marriage,” will speak at the rally.

Pastor Paul Blair of Patriot Pastors reported that 575 pastors statewide have signed a petition in support of the causes. That website is www.protectlifeandmarriage.com.

According to its website, “Protect Marriage OK! and Protect Life OK! is a coalition of citizens dedicated to the proposition that the state of Oklahoma has federal and state constitutional authority to (1) protect the institution of natural, traditional marriage and; (2) protect innocent, unborn children from abortion;  and that in the face of unjust, unlawful U.S. Supreme Court actions it is time for Oklahoma to exercise this authority.”

Pastor Bruce Delay of Heartland Church is the local coordinator of Patriot Pastors, which meets for lunch at noon on the first Tuesday of each month at Bass Pro in Broken Arrow.