Editorial: Rally for marriage, against abortion

Oklahomans are opposed to legalized abortion and for traditional marriage that is limited to one man and one woman.

On October 25, hundreds or thousands of Oklahomans will gather at the State Capitol in a rally and affirm traditional marriage and protest the killing of unborn babies.

U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, State Rep. Dan Fisher, R-Yukon, and several pastors will speak at the Protect Life and Marriage Rally at the State Capitol at 4 p.m. on October 25. Pastors Paul Blair, Kevin Clarkson, Blake Gideon and others will speak.

More than 700 pastors across the state have joined the petition drive. A handful met with Gov. Mary Fallin earlier this month to express their concerns. After the rally, they plan to present the petition to Fallin and legislative leaders.

The website, protectlifeandmarriage.com, criticizes unlawful U.S. Supreme  Court actions, including the legalization of homosexual marriage in all 50 states plus legalized abortion, which has resulted in the death of 58 million unborn babies.

The Oklahoma Constitution gives the Legislature the right to set qualifications for medical licensing and rally supporters say a doctor who commits an abortion should lose his license.

Supporters can sign a petition at the website.

America was set up for the power to be with the states, not an over-reaching centralized government. State officials need to understand that and retake that authority.

The Protect Life and Marriage Rally Oct. 25 will be a good rallying point for Oklahomans who believe in God and decency.