Editorial: Re-elect State Rep. Ken Walker

State Rep. Ken Walker has served the citizens of District 70 well.

Walker, with his extensive military background, business acumen and common sense, has sponsored and passed bills that help Oklahomans every day.

Walker is vice chairman of the A&B Transportation Committee and sits on three other committees – Administrative Rules; Public Safety; and State and Federal Regulations.

Walker is a practical lawmaker. He has helped motorists who have insurance keep from being fined if they happen to misplace their insurance verification form. On the flip side, Walker authored a bill that authorizes automated license plate readers to flag uninsured motorists (uninsured motorists are a big problem in the state).

Walker sponsored a bill that would exempt charities from excise taxes when they get a donated vehicle. Because he understands how employees think, Walker authored a new law that rewards state employees who make suggestions that save an agency $5,000 or more. Another bill by Walker allows the hand delivery of absentee ballots to county election boards (the person who delivers the ballot must show proof of identity).

These are common sense solutions to bothersome problems.

Walker has the backing of U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, perhaps the most conservative congressman in the nation. Walker publishes the Shepherd’s Guide, a Christian yellow pages telephone directory.

Liberals have targeted representatives like Walker because he refuses to grow government in its scope and cost.

Oklahoma faces some tough economic times ahead due to the volatility of energy prices. State budgets are being hit hard.

Rep. Ken Walker, R-District 70, has worked hard for his constituents.

The Tulsa Beacon strongly endorses Ken Walker for re-election to the Oklahoma House of Representatives.