Editorial: Re-elect State Rep. Michael Rogers

State Rep. Michael Rogers is a man of conviction.

A former educator, Rogers has already made a deep impression in the House of Representatives because of his willingness to study issues and his resolve not to back down in the face of difficult decisions.

Rogers, a Republican from District 98 in Broken Arrow, is vice chairman of the Common Education Committee. That makes a lot of sense because of his background as an administrator in Christian schools.

With oil prices low and state revenues down, Rogers understands that all state agencies need to tighten their budgets until revenues improve.

Rogers also sits on the A&B Education Committee, the Elections & Ethics Committee and the Insurance Committee.

His background in education led to work on helping educators develop recruitment programs. Rogers has a heart for making public education more effective and cost efficient.

For students – public or private – to truly benefits, the goals must be set high and Rogers sponsored modifying the Achieving Classroom Excellence Act of 2005.

Rogers knows the challenges of education and he is willing to work to make sure Oklahoma children have the best opportunity for success in life.

Rogers is sincere Christian and that touches every part of his life, including his legislative work. He is a genuine conservative and he has worked for a more efficient government and best use of tax dollars.

With a rush of liberal educators running for office, Rogers is a steady voice for practical solutions that benefit the students.

The Tulsa Beacon enthusiastically endorses Michael Rogers for re-election the Oklahoma House of Representatives.