Editorial: Re-elect State Sen. Nathan Dahm

Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, is one of the brightest young legislators in Oklahoma.

Unlike some lawmakers (like U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi), Dahm reads every bill before he casts a vote. In fact, other senators and representatives – Republicans and Democrats – consult with Dahm on a regular basis to discover the content of bills that they have not read.

Dahm is chair of the General Government Committee in the Senate. He serves on the Appropriations Committee, the Appropriations Subcommittee on Select Agencies, the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, the Business and Commerce Committee, the Finance Committee and the Rules Committee.

Dahm is an expert on the U.S. Constitution. His parents were missionaries in formerly Communist (now Socialist)  Romania and he got a first-hand look at socialism and its dangers while growing up.

Dahm is so well versed on constitutional principles, that he is a sought-after speaker for groups wanting to hear more about the foundations of our nation.

Dahm is a fierce defender of the rights of the unborn. He has sponsored legislation that is consistent with the 10th Amendment in an effort to minimize the intrusion of the federal government on states’ rights.

A devout Christian, Dahm supports religious freedom and is against the legalization of homosexual marriage. He understands the need for the people to defend themselves as guaranteed under the Second Amendment. Dahm is a fiscal conservative who won’t raise taxes.

Oklahoma needs bright, young, conservative Christian leaders and there is none better in this state than Sen. Nathan Dahm.

The good people of Senate District 33 need to re-elect this conservative champion.

The Tulsa Beacon strongly endorses Sen. Nathan Dahm in the June 28 Republican primary.