Reagan’s 11th Commandment is under assault in this campaign

While in office of President Ronald Reagan stated his “Eleventh Commandment” to be that Republicans must “Never speak ill of a fellow Republican.”

It seems that this year those individuals holding positions of power in both elective office and party official positions of power (due to being big money donors or elected by insider activists to positions of power) are exerting every trick in the book attempting to thwart the campaign efforts of “The Donald” Trump. They also seem to be determined to deny the nomination to Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, believed to be one of, if not the most, actual constitutionalists on the political scene.

The levels to which some of those in power positions have descended have greatly disturbed me, as it has always, since being old enough to understand, been the rule and guide of those of the conservative (meaning freedom loving, small government and following the dictates of the U.S. Constitution) leaders of the Republican Party. Those who have resorted to calling unrespectful names, telling total lies and shouting down candidates whom they do not want seem to be acting more like some of the worst of the officials with a “D” behind their names.

Unfortunately, such conduct by those in politics and government will without doubt engender similar conduct among the general population, or as the old saying goes: “Monkey see, monkey do.” Thus we have too many in business that do not hesitate to resort to such actions in both business and advertising. Then this bleeds on down to the majority of the population who feel they can act and talk the same as those who spout meanness and nontruth in their public pontifications.

Then the misguided, by their votes, place and keep such individuals in political power. Naturally the acceptance of this conduct tells those of the Civil Service population that it is quite permissible to act with the same sort of attitude and conduct. The net result is the situation we now see at most levels of government. Then it becomes no wonder that there becomes an attitude of the ruling elite on their part with the result that we outsiders are forced to live under the adverse conditions of exorbitant taxes and excessive regulations. The net result is a vast reduction in the freedoms that were originally guaranteed in the Constitution.

As it is written in Proverbs: “When evil rules, the people groan, but when honesty rules, the people rejoice.” And we see the results of several decades of less-than-honest rulers in the United States who do every thing possible to benefit themselves at the expense of those being ruled (us). They also do not hesitate to issue reports of the economy that are completely misstated or outright lies. The goal is to mislead the gullible and misinformed in our population concerning the actual conditions.

But then, maybe the sleeping giant of the population is attempting to wake up, with the result being an unusually strong showing seen in the Trump campaign. He is, in my opinion, demonstrating rare common sense with his campaign tactics of avoiding the misguidance of hired campaign advisers who, from my experience and observation, really are in it to benefit their own financial situation. He also has been blunt in speech and strongly wording in what he says, which must appeal to a substantial segment of the population.

It continues to disturb me the way the party establishment individuals not only wish to derail Trump, but also Cruz and nominate a so-called  moderate – such as the last two presidential candidates. We all remember where that got us in the general election. Either of those two would be far better in the Oval Office than the current occupant or the two candidates with a “D” behind their name. My fear is that those who would rather lose an election than their power might prevail.