Letter to the editor: Recent judicial decisions seem juvenile

It is hard to judge which is worse, same-sex marriage or the Boy Scout approving gay scoutmasters or the views of the Oklahoma Supreme Court on the Ten Commandments monument.

The actions of this court and the U.S. Supreme Court seem very similar and juvenile. It’s like college students who need to reject the views of their parents and others in authority.

Consider that Justice Noma Gurich’s objection that references to women also include slaves, cattle and other property. Well, judge, women could not vote in this nation or Oklahoma 100 years ago but that law has changed.

And the Ten Commandments were delivered over 3,000 years ago to a nation, not a church setting. Judaism, Christianity and Islam did not even exist at that time. The Ten Commandments were presented more as a constitution – so they could live in a civilized manner.

Perhaps some of our justices need to do more reading. The Ten Commandments were delivered to a nation of 12 tribes, similar to states.

As to the Boy Scouts, in the past I was a district chairman for the Scouts. Would I do it now – no way. They need to consider what took place at Penn State University recently. A male assistant football coach was a bit too friendly for the young boys he was supervising.

Looks to me like the Boy Scouts will see some lawsuits in regard to this situation. This is not very smart.

As to same-sex marriage, it is a grave health risk, based on reports from the Centers for Disease Control and others. And our president goes to Africa to promote the “gay lifestyle.” AIDs/HIV are a major problem in Kenya and are a problem in the United States. As I understand it, that is a bigger problem in Africa. Obama’s actions don’t look very wise.

In the New Testament, Christ explained that the whole law is to love God with all your being and the way you do that is to love others (your neighbor as yourself).

Is not that what our Constitution and Bill of Rights is intended to do?