Reclaiming America for Christ conference is July 14-15

Reclaiming America for Christ will host the 12 Annual Reclaiming America for Christ Worldwide Conference July14-15 at First Baptist Church in Moore.

The conference will be from 6:30-10 p.m. July 14 and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at FBC Moore, 301 NE 27th St. The scheduled speakers are Dr. Frank Turek, J. Warner Wallace and Dr. Mike Adams.

The theme of the two-day event is “fearless faith.”

“This year’s conference will focus on having Fearless Faith – designed for all ages to help you become fearless about your Christian beliefs, whether it is at the water cooler at work, over dinner with your family, or in a classroom that’s hostile to Christianity,” said Pastor Paul Blair.  “Most Christians are afraid to talk about Christ because they don’t know how to answer objections to their faith. That’s why the Fearless Faith Reclaiming America For Christ Worldview Conference is essential.”

The topics include:

  • Critical thinking when defending your Christian faith
  • How to respond to challenges to your faith from professors, co-workers and friends
  • The four most important questions to ask unbelievers
  • Evidence for Christianity to present to atheism
  • How to resist sexual totalitarianism
  • Evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Why atheists must rely on God to make their case
  • The top 10 apps to have on your smartphone

For information, call 405-796-PRAY or go online at