Reducing the U.S. military and disarming citizens is not wise

Most of those living today under the age of 60 have heard little, if anything, about the late, famous, Cherokee humorist from Rogers County, Oklahoma, Will Rogers. The daily paper in Tulsa has for several years run a special of one of his brief and to-the-point sayings from the time before his untimely death in 1935. In my memory there used to be, while he was alive, a column he titled, “Oologah Oozings,” which was always humorous jabs at the politics of the day. Last month there was one, dated March 14, 1927, stating: “What a great difference in diplomatic relations an army and navy make!”

While meant, I’m sure, to be humorous as well as accurate, that one hit me as being one that ought to be shouted from the building tops and on every billboard to remind us of the depths to which the current administration (PRESBO) has taken our defenses. The truth of world international relations is that most of the nations of the world are governed by ruthless dictatorships in which the ones in power only understand power. History has shown that the weak nations are the ones that lose in the wars begun by the stronger ones and that the stronger ones will succeed in conquering the weaker ones so as to enslave their people and grab their assets.

Since the founding of the United State in 1776, it seems to have been the practice of mostly dismantling our military to skeleton size after each war. That has proven to be a deadly action to the remaining troops, when other nations see the weakness in ability and choose to become aggressors. When an attack comes, such as at Pearl Harbor, the troops suffer larger-than-normal casualties because of the numerical weakness and the outdated and inadequate equipment.

Now, at the beginning of 2016, we have been informed that our military strength has been lowered to a level even below that existing in 1941 and all the while, administrations have continued to carry on combat actions in nations halfway around the world. This has required numerous deployments of National Guard units, many from here in Oklahoma. The National Guard is supposed to be available for deployment during local emergencies such as floods, tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes. The overuse of them in foreign campaigns has reduced their availability for such needs or for the defense of our borders. One wonders if that is not by design to enable the invasion we have seen by illegal aliens, especially along our border with Mexico.

The reduction in military numbers and strength has been accelerated substantially during the past seven years, as it was during the last eight years of the 1990s. Thus it would appear to our enemies that we are close to being an apple on the ground ready to be picked up. In addition, war has been declared on us by Muslim clerics and politicians for at least the last 25 years, yet those in Washington, D.C., seem to be oblivious to the threat. Or perhaps that has been intentional, especially with the PRESBO group and his proclaimed affinity toward Islam.

Now PRESBO and his administration seem determined to completely disarm the militia (which is every citizen legally entitled to own a weapon and who has one, or more), so as to leave the population totally helpless to provide any sort of defense if needed, even from ordinary criminals. The police cannot be everywhere to defend us and their duty is to investigate crimes and apprehend the criminals who did the crime, not defend every citizen from crime. This amounts to dereliction of duty and violation of oath of office of elected, appointed and employed officials. The first duty of government is the protection of citizens and property.

The present and proposed registration of firearms is but a veiled program to finally confiscate. It should be remembered that captured Japanese documents revealed abandoning invasion because of the fact that too many U.S. households were armed.