Letter to the editor: Reject the media’s propaganda

Adolf Hitler wrote in his infamous book, Mein Kampf, “Tell a lie. Make it big. Say it loud. Repeat it often and most people will take it for the truth.”

We should learn to recognize political lies by those earmarks. Right now we have people in the “news” business who beat the drums every day, saying that President Donald Trump is insane. They provide no evidence. They give no anecdotes. They just make a point of saying it loud and often.

They must think they will win some kind of prize if they can get enough of us believing this. (Example: “Today Trump called the President of North Korea, ‘Little Rocket Man’. It is well-known that the Red-Haired Tub of Lard is insane and deliberately intends to cause the destruction of the planet by atomic war.”)

Some famous people said if Mr. Trump were elected president, they would move to Canada. They didn’t move to Canada, so they must not be as scared of him as they let on. They have instead “invested” millions of dollars in buying “talking heads” to tell us every day that the man is unhinged and dangerous.

(Example: “Today Trump repudiated the Paris Climate Accord. This proves he is out of his mind and deliberately intends to destroy the planet by heating it up.”)

As (was it Joseph Goebbels? Hitler, himself?) said, “Tell a lie. Tell it big. Tell it loud. Tell it often – and most people will eventually take it for truth.”

Maybe he didn’t actually say that. But he probably did. Besides, it works. We must learn to reject propaganda that comes along without evidence.