Editorial: Religious restraint in California

Religious freedom is under assault in America and activist judges are leading the charge.

The Wall Street Journal reported that two homosexual men in California sued the owners of ChristianMingle.com because the Christian dating website refused to let them register in their search for male lovers.

The homosexual plaintiffs claimed it was discrimination because homosexuality has been legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court, which forced all 50 states to recognize homosexual “marriage.” Keeping homosexuals off ChristianMingle.com violated California’s anti-discrimination laws, according to the suit

Sparks Networks, Inc., owners of Christian Mingle, settled the case by agreeing to simply ask whether users are men or women and not their sexual preference. They also were forced to agree to add features to Christian Mingle making it easier for homosexuals to find other homosexuals on their website. Other sites impacted by this settlement include CatholicMingle.com, BlackSingles.com and AdventistSingles.com. The plaintiffs each got $9,000 plus $450,000.00 in legal fees.

Homosexuality is called “an abomination” in the Bible. It is condemned in the Old Testament, the New Testament and by Jesus when He said marriage was the union of one man and one woman.

The purpose of a Christian dating site is to match singles who are looking for people with like values, similar interests and compatibility. By forcing Christian websites to cater to individuals steeped in a public sexual sin, the purpose of the website is destroyed. After this ruling, homosexuals posing as normal people can more easily target Christians for their deceit.

Can a private company control its client base? The answer is not in California when the adversary is a homosexual.