Letter to the editor: Remember the Cold War

It is obviously a day of shock for the Democrats and the Democrat National Committee and much of the national media, such as the New York Times. It does cause some of us to wonder – does the Times work for the DNC? But then, does the New York Times own the DNC? It is hard to determine.

Either way, history repeats. The Democrats are acting like Russia during the Cold War. In my case, I was called up for the draft in 1953. For those who don’t study such history, at that time the Korean War had just ended in stalemate. In Germany, Russia had seventy divisions on the West German border.

Under President Harry Truman, the U.S. forces in Korea and Europe were not well prepared for war.

War did result in Korea and in 1954, U.S. forces were being rapidly built up in Europe plus Korea. That was when I was sent to Europe. In 1952, Dwight Eisenhower was elected president and Stalin had passed from the scene.

In the case of Russia, there were still much “sabre rattling” and their propaganda ministry (Pravda) was very active. According to them, everything the United States said was a lie and massive demonstrations were taking place in Europe and elsewhere. In the years 1954 and 1955, U.S. forces were advised to stay on their bases, to not wear military uniforms and to stay away from large crowds (if they did go out).

But then in 1955, the anticipated May Day demonstrations did not take place. With Eisenhower in office, Russia wasn’t sure what he might do and there was a bit of peace. Of course, Pravda continued their noise for decades (and they still do).

It looks like the DNC, the New York Times or whoever are using the same playbook as Pravda. History does repeat itself.