Letter to the editor: Rep. Bennett’s hearing told the truth about the Islamic threat to America

In the Muskogee Phoenix and Tulsa World (both Oct. 26), there were articles vilifying Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw,  who completed a study about Islam’s influence in our state and nation.

He had four experts who made presentations about the veracity of the study’s findings:  John Guandolo, Chris Gaubatz, Frank Gaffney and a former Muslim now Christian Karma Saleem.   Bennett’s efforts to sound the alarm about the purpose of Islam, of the Muslim Brotherhood and of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) – to  destroy  this nation from within  – are predicated on his and others’  first-hand knowledge of how this purpose is being implemented ever so gradually, unobtrusively and deceptively.

The cultural jihad is coming about by the massive influx of middle eastern, Muslim  “refugees” and the immigration policies spearheaded by the United Nations, causing an overwhelming  population which is deposited  into  many cities which have no provisions for such an increase.

These  “refugees” are unvetted or self-vetted (assurance that no terrorists are among these groups) are here to do the bidding of  local Mosque Immans.

Mr. Soltani and Imam Enchassi, both CAIR representatives from Oklahoma City, challenged  Bennett’s study and other opposition came from other Americans disbelieving the findings as thought the content is deliberately discriminating.

Not one of us Americans is believing that this ideology, masking as a “faith” or “religion,” is what it is up to, that its intentions are what CAIR and others say they are – which is to destroy America and Israel.  Islam is totally incompatible with our Constitution and laws of our land.  CAIR intentions and actions are being implemented as Sharia law in some cities of our nation, like Detroit and other cities. The goal is to implement Sharia law throughout America.

The politically correct frame of mind engrossing our national mentality is making “We, The People,” be apathetic, disgusted, disinterested, asleep  and not at all seeing and believing that a war is being waged against us with their victory (destroying America as it was founded)  in sight.  What will it take for  “We, The People” to hear Bennett’s alarm, to know the truth and be committed to opposing  this plan of destruction?