Rep. Faught’s bill changes some administrative rules

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a measure to reform the state’s administrative rules process.

House Bill 2254, by state Rep. George Faught, would restore the administrative rules process to an effective and proven system by requiring a joint resolution to approve any rule that contains a fee increase or change in scope of practice.

The intent is to reclaim the legislature’s control over the administrative rules process – strengthening transparency and accountability in government.

For the past three years, the state has been operating with an inefficient and broken system that essentially eliminated legislative review of administrative rules, Faught said.

Under the legislation, all non-fee and non-scope of practice rules submitted by April 1 shall be approved unless the Oklahoma Legislature disapproves of the rule through a joint resolution.

“Our current ‘one-size fits all’ process has failed,” said Faught, R-Muskogee. “It has failed Oklahomans by ushering through significant regulation with no legislative oversight. It has failed the agencies seeking a clear and efficient process.  It has failed the legislature by bypassing our oversight.”

House Bill 2254 passed by a vote of 95-1 and now moves to the Senate for consideration.