Rep. Fisher scheduled for Black Robe Regiment meeting

The Tulsa area Patriot Pastor group will present State Rep. Dan Fisher portraying the Black Robe Regiment (in period costume) at 10:30 a.m. March 18 at The Barn at Prayer Mountain in Sand Springs.

All pastors, church leaders and their wives are invited to attend.

British loyalist Peter Oliver is credited with the name, “The Black Robe Regiment,” for the pastors in early America who spoke politically from their pulpits during the Revolution. The British blamed these pastors for “stirring up the colonists” toward independence. Some of the pastors actually led men in their congregations to war.

Fisher is a pastor, an Oklahoma State Representative from District 60 and a filmmaker.

“He will take You back to the days when Christian statesmen preached God’s Word without fear or compromise,” said Pastor Bruce Delay. “You will be able to see and hold muskets and sabers used by actual Minutemen and officers. You can touch American History. You’ll re-live the stories of Patriot Pastors like Joab Trout, Jonas Clark, John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, James Caldwell, and many more.”

Prayer Mountain is at 5500 S. 209th W. Ave. For more information, send an email to or call 918-606-0054.