Editorial: Rep. John Bennett tells the truth

State Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw, is a decorated war hero, a solid Christian and a man with a passion for the truth.

In light of the rioting in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the subsequent rush to tear down any statue or monument honoring Confederate leaders, Bennett wrote on social media that if we are going to erase all Confederate symbols because they are offensive, maybe we should tear down mosques because of the 9/11 attacks on America by Muslim terrorists.

Bennett is not suggesting that Americans can’t practice the Muslim religion. He is making a point about going overboard with trying to erase the legacy of the Confederacy.

The Civil War was fought to eliminate slavery and it did. Many in the South fought instead to preserve states’ rights and the power to secede.

If America is to erase the memory of anyone who owned slaves or opposed abolition, there is an impressive list of Americans – including George Washington and many of the founders – who will have to be written out of the history books.

No man is all good and no bad and no person is all bad and no good. Christians are sinners who are forgiven.

Part of the Islamic Movement has the stated goal of turning America into a Muslim nation and replacing the Constitution with Sharia law.

Bennett is just pointing out the hypocrisy of eliminating part of the history of our nation by the left while they ignore the obvious threat of radical Islam.

During his military service, Bennett saw firsthand the impact of life when a nation is subject to Sharia law. If that ever happens here, mosques will be all over the place and Christian churches will be in harm’s way.