Rep. Scott Biggs resigns

Rep. Scott Biggs, R-Chickasha, has resigned from the House to take on a new job. He’s serving as the USDA Executive Director for Farm Services in Oklahoma. The resignation is effective immediately.

Biggs was the chairman of the House Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee.  He also sponsored the vehicle for voters to decide if they want to adopt Marsy’s Law, which provides for crime victims to receive equal treatment as those accused of the crime.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has announced that Rep. Scott Biggs, R-Chickasha, is a 2017 MADD Legislator of the Year. He is one of just 42 legislators across the country to be recognized by the organization. Biggs, a former prosecutor that has seen firsthand the victims of drinking and driving, was chosen due to his leadership in sponsoring drunk driving reform legislation, most recently, Senate Bill 643. SB643 or the Impaired Driving Elimination Act eliminates the administration appeals process and diverts appeals to a criminal court.